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Well trained and courteous coach captains
Wider seats, specifically designed for your utmost comfort
No peak premium surcharge during holidays and festive seasons
Value for money

Synonym with the name, Plusliner economy coach is designed specifically for highway commuters. Stationed at Hentian Puduraya, Plusliner is committed to provide safe, reliable and affordable bus services. Besides the scheduled route-line transportation, Plusliner also provides bus charter services for corporate transportation, conferences, employees shuttle services, outings, wedding guests transportation and others.

The most frequent highway express is dubbed as King of the Highway, as a reflection of its efficient and timely services to the loyal passengers.

Behind the Wheels

Economy Express Coach
Fully air-conditioned
Reclining seats with headrests and foot rest
Passengers seat belt for your safety
High-tech entertainment with pre-programmed movies & passenger interaction services
Consistent & timely
Frequent trips, i.e. 30 times daily KL – Ipoh – KL
90 days advance booking
9 Season Passes
Geographical Fleet Monitoring /Management System
Tickets can be purchased at selected public kiosks (e.g. petrol station, cyber cafes, etc)

Our Certificate

Spend less on ticket fare!